20160526165933673A lot of the newest products of technology come ready to accommodate or accept the USB-C cable as standard. USB-C Cable first begun to appear in year 2015 on a couple of new released like the Apple MacBook. At this point in time, this Type Ca cable is becoming more readily accessible and is loved for many good reasons, which take account of its capability to work faster when transferring data or charging laptops or smart phones. Below are three of the most amazing features of the USB type C cable.



The Many Uses of USB-C Cable

Reversible connector

The latest USB-C cable is made to be reversible; therefore it is easier to plug-in to your laptop or other gadgets. It doesn’t matter which way round or which end of the cable is, USB type-c cable is still capable of fully functioning as intended. A remarkable benefit of this is the capability to use the cable on the widest selection of devices available on the market. All the newest operating systems such as Android, Chrome, OS X and Windows are changing more and more over to this technology that will soon mean the substitution of the USB type A and Type B cables.


USB-C is Faster than Type A and B Cable

The newest USB-C cable has the capability to work at an extremely fast rate, and so charge up external devices such as e-readers and smart phones fast. The fastest speed rates are obtained once the USB-C as well as USB 3.1 sockets are capable of working in combination. The main reason behind this is the capability to push up to 100 watts of power opposed to the earlier standards that are restricted to approximately 10 watts. An additional advantage of the enhanced speed is the capability to complete the data or file transfers quickly from an external hard drive.

Greater Versatility

The state of the art USB Type C is very versatile as well as practical in many diverse situations. There’s no need to utilize diverse plug and connector sizes for device like a smart phone, printer or laptop. What is more, has the capability to take on lots of roles and finish multiple jobs at once. Like for example, it has the capability to transfer files and charge a laptop or any device at the same time. Other remarkable uses of this cable take account of the capability to hook up a netbook to an external screen. A great benefit of this cable having many functions is less need for many sockets on your laptop, which makes it likely to keep on to build to lightweight as well as slim devices.


As a final point, a further enhancement on the outdated USB cables is the capability to take account of smart technology which helps to become aware of the planned use, and at the same time determines whether the connector or the cable is being utilized for video, or for power, or for transferring data or file. USB Type c adapter from our website, it is efficient as well.