1Because of the expensiveness of iPhone, ensuring its safety holds supreme importance. Securing your iPhone with a screen protector is ideal for the long life and effective use of your gadget. Plastic screen protector is a great way to secure your iPhone from scratches, sticky fingertips, chips and the like. On the other hand, with regards to securing your iPhone screen against breakage and cracks, the usual plastic covering just wouldn’t make the cut. You want a tougher protection- one that could secure your iPhone against all types of physical damage, cracks and impacts. This screen protector is Tempered Glass. Read on to know more about the reasons why these glass are highly suggested over plastic for securing your iPhone screen.

21st century is the era of wonders. We have achieved exclusive assortment of amazing technological devices to make life easier than ever. Android TV box is one among some incredible examples, which has completely modified the term entertainment. Watching television has become even more exciting and amazing for technology lovers. If you have an android television at your home, you must get to know about implausible information added here.

What is an android TV box? 

The box is for all those viewers looking to make change with their TV viewing experience. It lets a person getting rid of monotony of watching programs, movies and songs through local cable. They can now simply switch to Android TV box to watch unlimited videos, movies, live match, recorded videos, and favorite programs in High Definition. Not only this, this versatile devices enable you different experience of playing games on your television. Being compatible with all android TVs, the device helps you watching Youtube, DailyMotion, Vevo, BBC iplayer, Google Play Movies & games, and many more. With entire these activities, the device make you living in another world.

With the technology reaching higher limits everyday, Android TV box is such an interesting way to experience visual shows. You can begin playing the data before the entire file has even been transmitted. This phenomenon is known as streaming media. You can know more and check details:

Control It From Your Phone :
Android is known for its smart features starting from controlling everything from your car to your watch. Google knows that one device have the capability to control it all. Android TV comes with a mobile app that lets you control everything without ever needing to reach for a remote.