The market is over saturated by Chinese TV Boxes but no one is complaining. We all love TV boxes, don’t we? It has made our lives so much better in the entertainment arena that we are humbled. The box looks extremely good and elegant. They do not use cheap plastic but only premium materials. The body of the box is made out of metal, Zoomtak T8h TV Box is probably the most beautiful Chinese TV box in the market.

Features Of Zoomtak TV Box:

  • On the front there is a little display and a power button that has a led inside.
  • All video formats play very well and smooth on the T8H and you will find Amlogic S905 processor as well.
  • Zoomtak offers the newest and most stable customize Kodi version, users have an amazing performance and smoothly usage.
  • Zoomtak T8H features itself as a leading true 4K Google Tv Box.
  • Based on the 64-Bit CPU architecture, Zoomtak T8H is fully compatible with 64-bit Android Lollipop Games and APPS and easily supports 4K @60fps TV.
  • The dual-band AC WIFI supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/mimo, 802.11ac and 2.4GHz/5GHz.
  • The brand new aluminum case is high- efficient in dissipating the heat generated when the CPU’s working.
  • Compared those Google Tv Box with 10/100M Ethernet and single wifi, T8H allows you more smooth 4K streaming and less limits.

The amazing device has been developed to be the most compatible with XBMC/Kodi which offers stellar multimedia performance and compatibility with all of the most popular video formats in Kodi. Even the Gigabits Ethernet of Zoomtak T8H network offers a fantastic speed performance. The sleek and solid Aluminum case makes Zoomtak T8h TV Box a Luxury product. T8H silver case looks a family product as your MAC book, you can even customize the color as you want.