iPhone Tempered Glass Screens Protectors

This screen protector will save your iPhone from everyday wear and tear, making your device look clean and fresh all the time. Tempered glass screen protectors protect the touch screen from direct external harm and scratches. It is stronger than plastic screen guards and it is heat-resistant as well as it will absorb utmost impact in the event you accidentally drop your iPhone, thereby protecting the screen from any form of damage.




Tempered Glass VS Plastic Screen Guards

Impermeability and Toughness

Tempered glass protector is tougher than plastic screen protector. You will discover that screen protector made from plastic is extremely vulnerable to getting cloudy as well as scratched not like tempered glass which can be retained for a long span of time. Normally the thickness of the tempered glass for your iPhone is about 0.3-0.5 mm while the plastic ones are about 0.1mm- the former being a sturdier, more resistant option for your iPhone.

Touch and Feel

The high quality iphone tempered glass screen protector will allow fingers to slide effortlessly on the screen, proving the sense of the novel touch screen. But, screen protector made from plastic is a bit rough to begin with. The friction keeps on increasing as the covering goes in regular use and rough handling. Cloudy patches on plastic screen guards are an ordinary occurrence, particularly in areas where the screen is most often touched.

Set Up Process

If you already used plastic screen guards could relate to this matter- they will know how daunting it is to set up and maintain. Doing away with bubbles is so exhausting. On the other hand, tempered glass screen protector comes in full-adhesive or bezel-adhesive varieties and is relatively easy to install. Do it yourself job works great with tempered glass.

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Depending on the superiority as well as variant of iPhone that you have, you can pay somewhere around 2 dollars for the lowest type up to 35 dollars for high quality and top class type for screen protectors. The plastic screen protector is available starting from 1 dollar up to 10 dollars.

This higher cost of the iPhone glass is due to the quality of material as well as technologies utilized in manufacture such as the Oleo phobic coating in order to minimize or to reduce fingerprints and due to the reliability in keeping your phone safe and sound.