What Makes XBMC So Popular?

·         Since, security is always the top concern, thus, for any online payment system a fine billing solution is set up and also a PCI compliant.

·         Supports H.264 HD TV interface including high-quality playback screen, it allows you to appreciate the clarity that always bring back the great smile on your face.

·         Power cuts will not be an issue anymore, your programmes will automatically get recorded even during power cuts.

·         You can get access over 36 TV channels that are availed for quick access which is absolutely user-friendly.

·         The whole system plays absolutely smooth with clear picture and the memory directs the TV to change TV channels really fast.

·         Human Interface is very easy for children and senior citizens. It has 3 video formats as interface language is no longer fixed.

·         It is compatible with AV, HDMI terminal which supports regular TV or high definition TV viewing.

·         This provides high speed internet service which helps your television watching experience and also has the option to download unlimited files.

·         It also allows to shows a rich range of broadcasting channels, plan to add channels and content.

Now, you will have no problem of missing out, as you can catch up to your shows at wherever you are. XBMC subscription will avail you 24 hours continuous playback in sync with the various television stations and you can avail fast upgrade without postpone-prone processing company.