Built-In Voice Search :
Google’s voice recognition technology leads to search engine and build it into a television set. Google is offering a wide range with Android TV. You can ask for a specific movie or show and Google will pull it up immediately.

Mobile Games :
Mobile games will find a new experience with the Android box and Google is availing you to experience these apps on a big screen. Android TV supports Google Play games and even multiplayer game on your TV while a friend sits nearby and uses a phone or tablet to play the same game.

Stream Along With Your Friends :
With Android TV box you can stream content even when you are at your friend’s place. The software will automatically register another phone in the room and you can play your new favorite song. In case the software fails to recognize the phone, the TV will show a PIN onscreen which you can type into your phone to quickly sync up.

HD And 4K Android TV Coming Soon :
To add to the excitement, Android TV box will be offering the best experience with a whole new platform on a high-resolution display. Google announced that it has partnered with Sony, Sharp, TP Vision, and Philips to make 4K and HD televisions with Android TV per-installed.